Policy on chapters

Adopted July 20, 2002



    To define the relationship between the VdGSA and its chapters, to establish mutual responsibilities, and to clarify the position of Chapter / Area Representative Liaison.


    • AREA: The VdGSA recognizes numerous geographical Areas where one or more members are living, and strives to maintain direct contact with each Area through a designated Area Representative. Some Areas with sufficient members and activities choose to become Chapters of the VdGSA.

    • CHAPTER: A Chapter is a local formal organization of viol players which is affiliated with the VdGSA. Chapters are free to structure themselves as they see fit and to plan activities to meet local interests. The VdGSA expects only that a Chapter:

      1. has an organizational structure including a designated representative to communicate with the VdGSA;

      2. has membership open to anyone interested in the viol;

      3. maintains communications with its membership and with the VdGSA;

      4. holds scheduled chapter events;

      5. encourages its members to be members of the VdGSA;

      6. administers the Chapter Conclave Voucher program.



    The primary interface between Chapters and the VdGSA Board is through the Chapter / Area Rep Liaison, who is appointed by the Board. The duties of the Liaison are to:

    1. maintain a file of organizational information and activities of all VdGSA Chapters and Areas;

    2. facilitate communication among existing Chapters and between Chapters and the Board;

    3. assist newly active Areas to become Chapters by providing start-up assistance and presenting the Area's interest to the Board for approval;

    4. chair an annual meeting of Representatives at the Conclave for the purpose of activity reporting and idea exchange;

    5. provide useful information to Chapters as appropriate;

    6. provide information on the procedures for applying for VdGSA Workshop and Chapter Start-up Grants;

    7. collect and report to the board statistical information about chapters such as membership count, number of VdGSA members, number and type of events, attendance numbers, membership and events fees, etc.



    1. No legal ties are intended or implied by establishment of Chapter status. The VdGSA provides no automatic financial backing nor is it responsible in any way for the debts or liabilities of affiliated Chapters. Grants may be provided from time to time, and information and advice may be freely provided, but these are arranged on an individual basis at the sole discretion of the Board or its designated representative. The non-profit corporate status of the VdGSA does not extend to Chapters. Chapters must establish their non-profit status if they deem it appropriate for soliciting donations or for other benefits.

    2. The Board will prepare a standard Chapter Start-up Packet including this Policy, an application form, and helpful hints on organizing and maintaining Chapters.

    3. An Area wishing to become a Chapter may contact the Chapter/Area Rep Liaison who will assist with the process, providing the Start-up Packet and representing their interest to the Board. Application information that the Board would expect to see prior to approval of Chapter status includes:

      • Chapter name

      • Initial Representative name and contact information

      • Approximate geographic area served

      • Approximate number of members

      • Organizational structure and officers

      • Outline of planned activities

      • Start-up funding request (if needed)

      Once the Chapter has been approved by the Board, the President will send a welcome letter to the new Chapter Representative.

    4. All Chapters are expected to submit, via the Chapter/Area Rep Liaison, an annual update of contact and event information.

    5. Chapter status will not be granted to groups that are exclusionary, such as individual performing consorts or groups that otherwise limit their membership. While there is not a minimum size requirement, it is likely that groups of less than about 10 members or that do not sponsor at least one annual public event will be encouraged to use the Area designation unless they can present convincing growth plans.

    6. Chapters are encouraged to identify their affiliation with the VdGSA in their publicity. They are encouraged, but not required, to adopt a name of the form VdGS-nnn where nnn is a local geographic name. Alternatively, they might identify themselves as nnnn, a Chapter of the VdGSA.

    7. The Board normally approves from year to year a program of financial grants to assist with the expenses of particular events in selected Areas. In addition, a new Chapter is encouraged to apply to the Board for a one-time Chapter Start-up assistance Grant.

    8. It is anticipated that the normal progression in organizational complexity will be from Area to Chapter. Nothing, however, prevents a group of VdGSA members who are not active in the Area system, from forming a chapter.