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Circuit Rider Program Application
We are a:
We are applying for a:

Round trip fares and rental car rates are based on current prices. For teachers who decide to drive their own vehicle to their destination, mileage is reimbursed at the current IRS rate.

No single funding amount may exceed $2000 for the year ($1000 for Half Circuit).

Proposed Start Dates for Visits (choose two for a Half Circuit and four for a Full Circuit):


The above-named teacher has agreed to visit our location on the specified dates and for each visit is prepared to provide at least 10 instructional hours—any combination of lessons and group coaching—(or 5 hours in the case of a piggy-back Circuit). As hosts we will guarantee to pay the teacher a minimum of $500 (or $250 if piggy back), covering the first 10 hours (or 5 for piggy backs). Any additional teaching will be paid at the rate of $50/hour. We, as hosts, will provide housing and food to the teacher for each visit. The teacher will submit travel receipts directly to the VdGSA after each visit. The local host will write a review of the completed Circuit Ride for possible publication in the VdGSA Newsletter.

Thank you for applying to the Circuit Rider Program, we'll be in touch soon!

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