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Professional Development Initiative

The Professional Development Committee of the VdGSA offers a weekend retreat for our self-identified Teaching Members approximately every two years, taking place in various regions of the country.


The Professional Development Initiative (PDI) is aimed at broadening our horizons, strengthening our connections with far-flung colleagues, and helping us gain new perspectives on our work. Room and board are provided, and travel is subsidized by the Society to make this opportunity accessible to the broadest range of our teaching members.

The PDI has been a valuable cross-generational opportunity for viol player/teachers, providing input and inspiration for those starting their careers and a source of renewal and fresh ideas for more experienced professionals. The Society recognizes that this investment in connections among our teaching members is important to the future of the VdGSA.

For more information about upcoming PDIs, please contact Sarah Mead, Chairperson of the Teacher Development Committee.

Next PDI:

            October 28-30, 2022: Pendle Hill Conference Center, Wallingford, PA


Previous PDI’s:

            March 4-6, 2016: Prindle Pond Retreat Center, Charlton, MA

            April 6-8, 2018: Slovenian Cultural Center, Lemont, IL

            Feb 28-Mar 1, 2020: Redwood Glen, Loma Mar, CA

A list of presenters and topics at past PDI’s can be found here.

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