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The VdGSA Chapter Conclave Voucher program provides each Chapter with one $300 voucher per year, which may be used by one or more Chapter members towards their Conclave fees. All Chapters are encouraged to publicize the voucher’s availability to their members.

Interested in a voucher, but not a Chapter member? Find your nearest Chapter and join today!



Each Chapter may award one $200 Chapter Conclave Voucher per year. The Chapter may choose to split the voucher amount among multiple recipients but the total may not exceed $200. Each recipient must be:

  • a member of the VdGSA

  • a member of that local Chapter

  • registered to attend Conclave that year


Choosing the Recipient(s)

The method used to select the recipient(s) is determined by the Chapter. This financial boost can be made available to anyone with more enthusiasm than financial resources: this includes the young, the un- or underemployed, and retirees. Each Chapter should determine need as fairly as it can. Larger Chapters might ask for letters of application; smaller Chapters might vote for candidates who express the desire to attend. These are but two of many possible methods.


How to Redeem the Voucher

The Chapter officer or a designated representative must send, before Conclave begins, the voucher award information to the VdGSA Treasurer. The email must include:

  • the name of the Chapter

  • the name and contact information of the selected recipient(s)

  • the amount for each recipient, if the Chapter has chosen to split the award

Contact the Treasurer.

The Treasurer will deduct the specified voucher amount from the Conclave fees of the recipient(s).

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