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The VdGSA Consort Loan Program is intended to help teachers begin a viola da gamba program for school-age children. The program is open to all private or school teachers of the viol who have been a member of the VdGSA for at least one year. While the teacher is responsible for designing and implementing the program (finding space, recruiting students, etc.), the VdGSA can provide the teacher with instruments to support their program.

A consort of five viols is available for loan for a period of two years (typically August-July). Renewal for additional years is possible at the discretion of the Consort Loan Program committee. Applications by letter or email to the Consort Loan Program Administrator are welcome at any time and a committee response may be anticipated within a month of receipt. Approval of any application is dependent upon the strength of the proposal and the availability of instruments at the time of application.

The application should include:

  • Name of the VdGSA member applying for the consort loan

  • Brief resume of applicant's teaching experience, with emphasis on viol teaching preparation and experience

  • Detailed description of program: type of venue, ages of students served, typical activities planned, how the year's work is organized, sample syllabus for a class

  • Estimated impact of program

  • Specific dates of program

  • Sizes of viol required*

*The typical consort in the Consort Loan Program is 2 trebles, 2 tenors and bass, appropriate for high school and middle school. For younger children, a consort of small viols may be available. Please discuss your needs with the Program Administrator.


If your application is approved, you will be required to send in a signed copy of the Consort Loan Program Agreement.

Costs and responsibilities involved in the Consort Loan Program:

  • A security deposit of $500 is required, which will be refunded after the five viols are returned to VdGSA in the same playing condition as they arrived

  • The applying teacher is responsible for all loss or damage to the viols

  • VdGSA will pay for all viol shipping

  • Periodic reports on the program by e-mail to the program administrator are expected semi-annually throughout the term of the loan, coinciding with the meetings of the Board of Directors


Care and maintenance: Instruments will be sent in playing condition. It is the teacher's responsibility to replace any broken strings or frets before returning the consort. Any other problems must be reported to the program administrator to determine what action is to be taken. Teachers may apply to VdGSA for financial help in maintaining the viols; contact the Consort Loan Program Administrator with your request.

Shipping: The VdGSA will pay for shipping the consort to the teacher and back to the VdGSA. The teacher is responsible for any costs incurred by the VdGSA in retrieving an instrument, case and bow, including legal fees, and costs of repair of any damage. VdGSA strongly recommends that the recipient save the packing materials for the eventual return of the instruments. Packing materials, including the correct size of box, can be expensive and hard to find, so reusing these items is both convenient and cost effective. The VdGSA will not pay for replacing these materials for return shipment. Before returning the viols, please contact the Consort Loan Program Administrator first for detailed packing and shipping instructions.

Please contact the Consort Loan Program Administrator with any and all questions about this program.

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