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The Private Lesson Subsidy is a pilot program to subsidize private viol lessons for VdGSA members who need assistance to afford lessons. The program subsidizes up to six private lessons per year on the viola da gamba with a teaching member of the VdGSA. This program is designed to enable viol players to afford the expense of private lessons, which can improve consort and solo playing skills and facilitate more beautiful music on the instrument we love. Details and application are below.



  • The Student is a VdGSA member who applies for the Private Lesson Subsidy to cover partial lesson costs for up to 6 private viola da gamba lessons within a 12 month period with a single teacher. 

  • The Teacher is selected by the student from the current teaching members of the VdGSA. Teaching Members are listed by Geographic Region in the Directory. We encourage students to seek out a local teacher for in-person lessons  whenever possible. We currently have only a list of teachers willing to teach online on our website.

  • The Student arranges for lessons with the Teacher (up to six will be subsidized). The Student pays for each lesson up front and then provides evidence of payment to receive reimbursement of $40 per lesson.

  • The Private Lesson Subsidy is awarded for 12 months from the award date (rounded to the first of the nearest month). There is no deadline to apply and applications will be reviewed once per month until the program is fully subscribed.

  • Participation in the program lasts from acceptance of the award through the receipt of reimbursement for the sixth lesson, or the end of the 12 month period, whichever comes first.

  • Grantees may reapply for the Private Lesson Subsidy one year after their first award, if the program is continued beyond the pilot year. ‘Renewal’ is not guaranteed.

Questions? Please email Ann Barclay Rovner, the Private Lesson Subsidy Coordinator.

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