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Workshop grants support organizers and teachers who wish to put on a workshop. The Society awards these grants with the goal of providing the greatest number of teaching and learning opportunities for the greatest number of people, with special preference given to areas not regularly served by teachers. There are no deadlines and applications are accepted at any time during the year.

Awards are made on a calendar year basis. Furthermore, we will not accept applications prior to 18 months before a scheduled workshop. With this stipulation we are trying to be fair to those chapters planning workshops well ahead of time, but also to accommodate the type of situation where players may discover that a teacher will be in their area in the very near future who is willing to give a workshop if they can fund it.

We will give preference to groups or teachers not funded in the past two years. (Unless there is unused money available, no sponsoring group will be funded two years in a row.)

For 2024, any grant application sent in before June 1 is allowed a maximum of $500.

After June 1, no single grant shall exceed $750.

Funding may be used for any reasonable expense associated with your event. Got a project? Tell us about it, and we'll try to help.

Recipients of workshop grants are expected to write a report afterwards for the VdGSA News which should be sent to the grant program coordinator and the Newsletter editors within 30 days of the completion of the workshop.

Contact the Newsletter editors.

Applications should include:

  • Name of the VdGSA member contact person for the event

  • Chapter or region holding the event

  • Number of people expected to attend

  • Workshop title

  • Schedule of events

  • Proposed coach(es)/teacher(s)

  • Expenses anticipated (e.g., coach fees, travel expenses)

Applications should be submitted to Workshop Grant administrator Lucy Bardo.

If you prefer to mail a hard copy, you can find her address in the Membership Directory

If you need help finding coaches, contact Sarah Mead.

For other information or organizational advice, please contact Alice Robbins.

People looking for teachers may also be interested in our Circuit Rider Program or our Private Lesson Subsidy Program.

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